Daily Magic Messages



We want it all: well-paid job, understanding partner, good family life, great friends and blasts of entertainment. We put so much pressure on us to succeed, to be the best and have it all that it is no news that we are under stress most of the time. We are immensely burdened with the imperative of achieving the so called "big things in life" that we forget the importance of enjoying the so called "little tings" that life consists of.

While we are trying to succeed in the material world, we lose touch with ourselves, with little things that make us happy. Now we have to get back in touch with those little things and the way to retrieve them is through our natural spirituality, with our own energetic potentials that are waiting for us to use them. Daily Magic Messages (DMM) are the tool to use for this purpose.


Daily Magic Messages (DMM) help us reach those hidden energetic potentials in order to raise the level of the flow of our own positive energy and such realize our own natural spirituality. DMM makes it happen quickly and through synchronicity release a certain amount of daily positive energy and allows you to enjoy fully the little things the life is made of. The beautiful thing about it is that YOU make it happen.

DMM is a technique that enables you to take it with you as a tool, to activate it and, if you allow it, to enact in reality. Such you create your own authentic daily amount of energy (raise of the personal energy level) which is there for you to use it as you wish for your own well-being. And that is one of the DMM main goals.


Through constant and right use of DMM you can feel the change of how good you feel about yourself and your mood in general. At the same time, you also gain the following: increased intuition and sensitivity in everyday perception, increased spontaneity and creativity in personal performance, greater motivation for success and affinity to positive forms of communication with yourself and with others.

What's not DMM?

DMM is not a "panacea" i.e. it is not an almighty medicine/tool for everything! It is just a path to your everyday natural spirituality... So, let's begin!!

The Future

The right one-year use of THE DAILY MAGIC MESSAGES will open to a devoted user a possibility of a higher level of integration with her/himself through quality models of communication. Thus, s/he can easily recognize the further steps - signs for her/his future progress. Use them! LET'S START!


The author of this project is Zvonko Dzokic. He is a Mind Coach, MD, spec. in Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist, Psychodrama Trainer, EMDR Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer in Stress Management, Consultant and Trainer in HR Management, Expert Consultant in PR, creator of the brands Multifocal Combined Psychotherapy, Multilevel Mental Coaching, Concentric Self-healing, creator of the special programs for Art Therapy & Healing Performance, creator of his own products in the field of Virtual Reality Therapy – a brand Interactive SHD (Interactive Self-Help Devices): Daily Magic Messages, Daily Healing Messages, Vionizer, Relaxation Training, Visceral Training, Positive Training, Self-healing Training, Antistress Assistant, antistres.mk), inventor (MK/P/2006/431; MK/P/2007/295), author of dozen books…

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