Daily Magic Messages

Jung meets Moreno

Just imagine that an encounter of a special kind is possible to happen. It would be the encounter of two great men from the world of psychotherapy and deep psychology, Carl Gustav Jung and Jacob Levy Moreno. In such an encounter C.G. Jung would say to Moreno:

I have discovered one of the deepest meanings of the human psyche... It is about the hidden energetic and crucial human potentials that people take with themselves in a certain moment and they can be recognized according to certain occurrences in their environment. But I don't know how to embody them in concrete action ...?

Thinking seriously about that, Moreno answers:

Well, I have discovered how the hidden potentials could be immediately enacted in reality by the means of my proactive techniques...!?

After this, they stare significantly at each other and simultaneously speak out:

Then we should maybe explore this together! (Small pause) But first, let's pick a daily message...

They put their hands into the box full with the DAILY MAGIC MESSAGES. Each picks a message and after a while Jung reads loudly his message of the day:

Be spontaneous and creative...! (He smiles.)

Having heard this, Moreno laughs friendly. Then he reads loudly his message of the day:

Follow the positive coincidences...

At that moment they both laugh with excitement and cry out as one:

Today is the day... Let's start!

Interactive SHD - Zvonko Dzokic