Daily Magic Messages

Experts Corner


The "DAILY MAGIC MESSAGES" represent completely new kind of positive influence on the human psyche. They have been practiced in the period of the last ten years before their public release. For the last three years they have been tested daily with individuals and groups in order to be standardized to a level of the present concrete patent.
The feedback of the thousands of people for their influence is almost always extremely positive.


The main aim of the "DAILY MAGIC MESSAGES" is raising the positive psychic potentials in a user who consumes them through one pick at a day.


Main effects of this innovation on people are:
  • positive change of the basic mood and emotional state
  • raising the vital dynamisms (will, energy)
  • improvement of the personal performance (active behaviour followed by successful performance)
  • focus on mental contents through concrete positive ideas and visualization
  • releasing the spontaneity and creativity
  • positive motivation for success
  • improvement of the interpersonal relationships
  • greater intuition


Methodological foundations of this innovation are in the theory of synchronicity (see Jung), on one hand and in practical application of certain psychodrama techniques of role-playing (role-playing techniques, see Moreno), on the other hand. The messages have been created with the help of the reliable knowledge and experience from several areas of psychotherapy so that their effects are extremely positive.

Technical Description

The DAILY MAGIC MESSAGES are stored in a specially created database. In a certain moment when a user is warmed up, s/he willingly picks one message by chance during a day. Then s/he visualizes and acts out the content of the message. During the enactment, the user feels an inner change and s/he keeps it - integrates it and takes it with her/himself. The user has a possibility and is entitled to use the effect of the picked message through the repetition of the enactment several times during the day, in a positive way, as well as to follow the logic of the daily events through the message.

Time Period

In order to reach the stable effects in a user it is recommended to use the DAILY MAGIC MESSAGES daily for a minimum period of 6 (six) to 12 (twelve) months. Further use is recommended due to the increase of the quality of the same effects, described above.

Interactive SHD - Zvonko Dzokic